The products include remanufactured laser jet cartridges, as well as O.E.M. inkjet cartridges (some remanufactured).  Capt’n Laser Toner Technology has proven technology that will allow us to return used cartridges to O.E.M. specifications that meets or exceeds quality and page count.

The services include supplying all cartridge needs (laser jet).  We will monitor your inventory, collect all empty cartridges and return them within 24 hours, in most cases.  Some accounts will be by contract as well as on a per cartridge basis.  We will also be able to conduct  printer repairs, maintenance and up keep on printers, etc. usually requiring a contract.  However, we will do repairs on an as needed basis.  Our primary goal is to minimize down time, if your printer requires service that calls for it to removed from your business, we will try to provide you with a temporary replacement.

Certified technician available for all repairs.

Product and Services